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Glimek Equipment

Glimek Single Pocket Bread System

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Up to1800 pieces per hour.

Glimek Two Pocket Bread System

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Up to 3,000 pieces per hour.

Glimek SD-180 Suction Dough Divider

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High weight accuracy and flexible weight range makes it suitable for all types of bakeries.

Glimek SD-300 – Suction Dough Divider

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An automatic suction-fed dough divider which can be used either as 1-pocket or as a 2-pocket. Strong construction adapted to heavy-duty production.

Glimek CR-360 – Conical Rounder

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A very flexible cone rounder for all kind of bakeries, suitable for all types of dough.

Glimek IPP – Intermidiate Pocket Proofer

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One of the most flexible pocket provers on the market. Modulated for easy adaption in height and width, available in standard models from 132 up to 940 effective pockets, larger Provers on request. Solid construction in stainless steel materials.

Glimek MO-300 – Moulder

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The true Scandinavian origin of moulder for loaves, baguettes, buns or even round bread/pizzas. Foldable pressure board for easy cleaning.

Glimek MO-881 – Moulder

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Heavy duty moulder for use in industrial bakeries. Triple moulding head, curling net and double pressure boards.



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Bowl lift for lifting and tipping of removable bowl. Lifting capacity is up to 600 kg (removable bowl including dough). The Bowl lift can be designed to empyt the bowl to the left or right which makes it adaptable to the bakery layout. Meets CE safety requirements


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Bulk hopper for standard dough divider SD-180/300/600. Creates an even level in the divider/sheeter hopper which gives better weight accuracy.


For additional Glimek equipment including semi automatic dividers, mixers, water meters etc., please visit