Premier Equipment Inc.

Premier Equipment, Inc – Baking Equipment and Consulting

  • Adamatic ADR 2 Divider, Combi Bread & Roll Line, new, used or remanfufactured
  • Adamatic VDR & NDR, Roll Line, used or remanufactured
  • Adamatic VDR Roll Line, used or remanufactured
  • Glimek Bread Equipment
  • Glimek Bread Systems
  • Revent Rack Oven
  • Gostol Tunnel Oven
  • Bloemhof Bread & Roll Molders

Premier Equipment

Premier Equipment represents top lines of new, used and remanufactured baking equipment.  We have 35 years of experience in industrial bakery equipment sales, support, installation and layout. Let us help you expand or upgrade your production requirements.

We Specialize in....

Remanufacturing of US built Adamatic Roll Dividers and Roll Lines of all shapes and sizes, along with sales and support of Glimek Bread Equipment. We also offer competitive pricing on various lines of new equipment from Bloemhof Moulders, Revent Rack Ovens & Roll-in Proofers, Gostel Tunnel Ovens and Final Proofers and Rondo sheeting lines to name a few.

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