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Bloemhof EXPRESS 1060 Artisan Moulder

Bloemhof's specialty is dough friendly moulder technology with the patented spring loaded roller system and fully adjustable side guides. These low stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour as well as traditional artisan breads. 

The resulting products have superior oven jump and a seamless finish. From finger rolls to specialty and French breads, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labour costs and increase the quality of your product.

If you are serious about Bread

Produce up to 4,000 pounds per hour.

This dough friendly moulder, with our patented spring loaded dough roller system, can handle dough with up to 15% protein flour, as well as mould traditional artisan breads. Pressure plates over 12” in width, come with our exclusive adjustable curvature, for concave or convex settings, to produce straight or tapered loaves. Long pressure plates and full height side guides, provides total length control and superior moulding. Special Bolillo plates are available for this unit.

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