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Bloemhof EXPRESS 300 Production Moulder

Bloemhof's specialty is dough friendly moulder technology with the patented spring loaded roller system and fully adjustable side guides. These low stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour as well as traditional artisan breads. 

The resulting products have superior oven jump and a seamless finish. From finger rolls to specialty and French breads, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labour costs and increase the quality of your product.

Feed Directly from Your Multi-row Divider

The EXPRESS 300 has been specifically designed for high speed production and to help reduce labour costs. The unique design allows the machine to be fed directly from a single or multi pocket divider, up to 8 pockets and a capacity up to 12,000 pieces per hour. Dough pieces are sorted into two rows for efficient and versatile production.

The four roller system maintains consistent, quality moulding aided by extra long plates that are gentle on the dough. The twin pressure plate system forms roll products from 3" to 12" in length with full side guide control for a seamless finish.

We recently extended the infeed section, a quick change index system and added a variable speed drive to the moulding belt as a standard feature.

The EXPRESS 300S version incorporates Bloemhof’s low stress sheeting system with patented spring loaded roller technology and is suitable for long fermentation and high hydration doughs. Telescopic legs adjust infeed height from 21" to 34" for multiple sorting options. 

The optional outfeed conveyor allows sufficient time for manual panning or can be integrated with your panning system. 

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