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Glimek MO-881 – MOULDER

Heavy duty moulder for use in industrial bakeries. Triple moulding head, curling net and double pressure boards.

Features & benefits

  • Easy to operate. Easy to set up for a good end result. Uncomplicated design.
  • Dual pressure boards enables industrial production. Seemless product – bread and baguette without getting a seam.
  • Flexible – with wide range of options – many different doughs and end products (form and weight).
  • Capacity up to 3 600 pcs/h.
  • Driven by tension timing belt, noiseless and sustainable.
  • Three adjustable pressure rollers with spring loaded scrapers for easy cleaning. Max width 400 mm.
  • Two separate pressure boards:
    - First pressure board is delivered in two widths, 220 and 280 mm.
    - Foldable, second pressure board 650 x 1100 mm for easy cleaning.
  • Handles on left or right side must be indicated upon order (see drawing below).
  • Collection tray with two positions enables outfeed with or without stop.

Product Details

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