Premier Equipment Inc.

Glimek CR-360 – Concal Rounder

A very flexible cone rounder for all kind of bakeries, suitable for all types of dough.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide weight range 30 – 2500 grams. Easily centrally adjustable tracks.
  • Flexible regarding type of dough.
  • Wide variety of options make it possible to meet the customer demand. Flexible setup.
  • Easy to clean. Easily accessible due to adjustable tracks.
  • Centrally adjustable rounding tracks.
  • Capacity up to 4000 pcs/h subject to dough piece weight and characteristics.
  • Weight range 30-2500 gram subject to capacity and dough characteristics.
  • Non-stick coating on cone and tracks for ultimate rounding.
  • Rounding length up to 4 meters.
  • Operation panel easy accessible from both sides.

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