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Glimek SD-180 Suction Dough Divider

A silent automatic suction-fed dough divider for all types of dough - a wide range of products can be produced. High weight accuracy and flexible weight range makes it suitable for all types of bakeries.

Features & benefits

  • High weight accuracy. Normal is +- 5gr or 1,5-2%. Two chamber suction divider. The hopper go all the way down to the knife. No dough is left in the hopper. 
  • Capacity 750 – 1 800 pieces/h as standard (lower capacity on request).
  • Wide weight range, 3 versions, from 35 grams to 2 300 grams.
  • Measures the dough instead of weighing.
  • Flexible regarding type of dough.
  • Variable speed with frequency converter.
  • Dough knife in stainless steel.
  • Unique emptying function (hopper reaches down to the dough knife).
  • Gentle dough handling.
  • Easy handling and cleaning – all covers in stainless steel and removable.
  • 225 lit stainless steel hopper (~ 150 kg dough hopper) (option).
  • Non stick coated hopper (option).
  • Oil reservoir 17 lit, easy to fill.
  • Extremely silent 72 dB(A).

Capacity range: 750-1800 dough pieces/h

Weight range, subject to capacity and dough characteristics: 
SD-180XS    50-1000 g 
SD-180       120-1600 g 
SD-180XL   180-2300 g

With mini piston for SD180 and SD180XL 35-250 g

Power supply    1.1 kW

Key Features

Touch screen control with: Speed control (frequency converter). Weight reference scale. Counting/count down.

Standard measuring piston 120-1 600 g.

Standard measuring piston replace by Mini Piston 35-250 g (option).

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