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Gostel TPN Tunnel Oven

Gostol Cyclothermic Tunnel Ovens are indirect fired ovens used for continuous baking of all types of breads, rolls, sweet goods and cakes, requiring baking temperatures up to 600deg Fahrenheit. We offer a variety of baking surfaces including steel mesh, granite plate or metal plate, and can run off of oil, gas or a combination of both.

The Gostol TPN Oven is engineered to last with ease of use and maintenance. This oven offers the same features and quality as those made in Germany and Italy at very competitive pricing. Call us to learn more.


Product Description

  • Extremely low consumption of energy needed for baking. Possibility of baking of all types of bread and pastry (freely baked, in pans or on trays).
  • A large scale of baking surfaces (from 25 to 165 m2). A possibility of one cupola extending up to 80 m2 of the baking surface.
  • Adjustable diagram of baking time and temperature which are connectively adjustable. The minimal length
    of individual temperature zone is 3 m.
  • Saving of heat energy with the use of insulation materials, high-quality insulated return part and windows, installed Waishaupt last generations burners, series WM-G10, and automatic regulation of traction in the baking zone.
  • The oven drive is a direct drive with the planetary reduction gear.
  • Additional possibilities of energy saving with the automatic vapour flow and a possibility of installation of recuperators of flue gases and vapour.
  • Vacuum heating system, safety flaps and other safety mechanisms provide for a high level of safety when working with the oven.
  • In the baking area temperature can be separately regulated up-down.
  • The oven can be equipped with the system for forced air circulation in the baking hearth which enables more intensive transmission of heat on the product. The system is recommended especially for bread baking in pans and on trays.
  • The oven can be covered with STIR coating which enables infrared radiation.
  • Technological vapor is also brought in the baking area. The quantity is regulated by means of manual valves or the automatic regulation of vapor flow.
  • The oven inlet and outlet are adjusted according to other equipment or buyer’s requirements.
  • The oven height is only 2.5m and the transport of already assembled oven is possible.
  • Modern external appearance of the oven.
  • Saving of electrical energy with the optimization of heating valves and a centrifugal fan of flue gases driven by the frequency converter which provides for better transmission efficiency and, above all, essentially reduces maintenance needs and prolongs the oven lifetime.

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